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VEJA magazine surpasses its advertising revenue by 48% in January

In addition to the increase in ad volume, the magazine recorded circulation growth during the second half of 2016, with an average of 28,000 more issues sold per edition, compared to the first half of the year

São Paulo, January 26, 2017 – VEJA magazine, the largest publication in Brazil, begins 2017 by celebrating major results. ...

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Abril and AOL conclude HuffPost Brasil migration

AOL takes on editing for the HuffPost Brasil portal, after previously assuming Advertising activities, concluding Abril’s corporate agreement with HuffPost

São Paulo, January 4, 2017 – From now on, AOL will handle all editing activities for the HuffPost Brasil portal, after taking on the Advertising department. This concludes Abril’s corporate agreement with HuffPost...

  • Time101/12/2016

Abril Group celebrates the sale of 10 MM licensed products in 2016

The consumer products segment grew 16% compared to last year; over 150 new products will be released in 2017

São Paulo, December 1, 2016 – With a portfolio of more than 1,000 products licensed with its brands, Abril Group celebrates the milestone of 10 million items sold in 2016. Revenue grew approximately 16% compared to the period between January and October, 2015...

  • Time106/12/2016

Abril Group’s CLAUDIA and EXAME win the Veículos de Comunicação [Means of Communication] Award

The two publications were recognized in the Revista Feminina [Female Magazine] and Revista de Negócios [Business Magazine] categories, respectively; the awards ceremony will be held on March 28

São Paulo, December 6, 2016 – The Veículos de Comunicação Award, promoted by Editora Referência publishing house and Propaganda magazine, with the support of the Brazilian Marketing Academy (ABRAMARK)...

  • Time107/12/2016

Walter Longo, CEO of the Abril Group, is elected 2016 Marketing Citizen

In a ceremony held on Tuesday, December 6, Longo received the honor, which is one of the special categories of the Best Marketing Award

São Paulo, December 7, 2016 – Last Tuesday evening, on December 6, the Abril Group’s CEO, Walter Longo, was honored during the 2016 Marketing Best Award ceremony....

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Abril Group and NeoWay establish a partnership to develop the largest Big Data service in Brazil

With Abril Group’s database of more than 40 million names and the technological platform with 50 billion vital signs, related to NeoWay’s more than 3,000 sources of information, the partnership is intended to offer the Brazilian market the best data option for business and marketing decisions

São Paulo, December 16, 2016 – Abril Group and NeoWay announce a partnership to increase the available offer of data use services for marketing strategies and business decisions. ...

  • Time119/12/2016

GoToShop, Abril Group’s e-commerce, reaches more than 100,000 products

Catalog features 62,000 decor products and 44,000 products on the Tech store

São Paulo, December 19, 2016 – Launched late October, GoToShop – e-commerce of products cured by Abril’s publishing brands – has managed to gather, after its first few months of operation, a total of 106,000 products in its catalog ...

  • Time122/12/2016

Abril Group announces renegotiation of its bank debt

Agreement is the basis for company strengthening in 2017

São Paulo, December 22, 2016 – Abril Group announced on Thursday (12/22) the conclusion of the agreement to restructure its short and medium-term bank debt. The deal will allow greater financial ...

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Abril Group holds 8th edition of the Exame Sustainability Forum

The event, which opens the Exame Sustainability Guide awards, will be attended by José Sarney Filho, Minister of the Environment, and Pedro Taques, Governor of Mato Grosso

São Paulo, November 11, 2016 - The 8th edition of the Exame Sustainability Forum has been confirmed for 11/28. The event is part of the launch of the Exame Sustainability Guide...

  • Time1 9/11/2017

Book sale at newsstands becomes a market focus for Total Publicações

The country’s largest private distributor bets on the Books Project and expects to earn nearly 50% more with the segment, compared to last year

São Paulo, November 9, 2016 - Total Publicações, an Abril Group company, in charge of magazine distribution, presents the Books Project...

  • Time1 24/11/2017

Abril Branded Content wins award for business communication

Estúdio ABC won the Branded Content category and was chosen Media of the Year in Business Communication in the 2016 Aberje Award

Estúdio ABC (branded content production area of Abril Group) was one of the winners of 2016 Aberje Award, given by the Brazilian Association of Business Communication...

  • Time1 23/11/2017

Abril is recognized as the best company for the consumer

Award granted by the Consumidor Moderno magazine has customer poll and considers factors such as product quality, competitive prices, and service channel flexibility

São Paulo, November 23, 2016 - Every year, the ‘Consumidor Moderno’ magazine publishes the study ‘Companies that Most Respect Consumers,’ with technical coordination by Shopper Experience...

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SAÚDE magazine launches book in partnership with Antonio Lancha

One of the most important names in Brazilian Science for the segment, the multi-faceted weight-loss guru teaches how to lose weight in a healthy manner

São Paulo, 10/24/2016 – At least five in every ten people currently have something to say about their weight. In search of the perfect body, many try miracle diets that some

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Abril Group Explanatory Note

Abril Group informs that the ordinance authorizing the transfer of the concession of Abril Radiodifusão TV generator to Spring Televisão S.A. was published today, October 21st, 2016. ...

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Abril Group launches GoToShop

The multi-platform product store curated by the Abril brands is already available in the Technology and Decoration segments; the launch of two more stores is also underway: a Fashion shop and a CAPRICHO exclusive

Abril Group presents the GoToShop, its multi-platform product store curated by the company’s brands. Consumers of Abril’s INFO, VIP and SUPER brands may already take advantage of the launch and b

  • Time1 17/03/2017
  • Time2 14:06

Abril partners with PlayKids and benefits subscribers

The deal ensures the first month’s access to PlayKids free of charge for both current subscribers and those planning to subscribe to any of the company’s titles

Children are celebrated across the country during October and Abril chose the month to announce a partnership with the PlayKids platform, an

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Abril Group and Caras announce title transfer

Agreement brings back the ARQUITETURA E CONSTRUÇÃO, MINHA CASA, PLACAR, VOCÊ RH and VOCÊ SA brands and strengthens digital expansion and marketplace projects

São Paulo, 10/10/2016 - In line with its expansion strategy, Abril will bring back titles transferred in the last two years, through an agreement with Caras Publishing House

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Abril adopts single metric to measure the total reach of print and digital platforms

Tool allows you to add the ratings of magazines and digital media, taking into account the convergence of readers accessing both platforms. Numbers are available for agencies and advertisers

São Paulo, September 27, 2016 - To obtain further information about the entire audience generated by its brands, Abril adopted the Single Metric, a study commissioned by ANER and

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Biography of Roberto Civita arrives in bookstores this month

Published by Companhia das Letras, the book arrives in bookstores on Thursday, September 22, and the official launch will take place on October 05, 6:30 p.m., at Livraria Cultura in Shopping Iguatemi mall

Besides telling the story of Roberto Civita at Abril Group, his biography entitled “Roberto Civita - the Newsstand Owner” is divided into four parts and outlines a plot that begins in New York in

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CAPRICHO signs the first edition of Fashion Weekend Teen

Organized by Ana Cury’s team, it is the first fashion event aimed exclusively at teenagers

São Paulo, September 15, 2016 - Thought as the evolution of the traditional Fashion Weekend Kids – organized by Consultoria de Imagem - Ana Cury’s team for eleven years –, the fi

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Quatro Rodas’ Third Direções [Directions] Forum discusses new market trends

David Powels – President of Volkswagen Brazil – defended investments in new technologies and talked about the brand’s new concept; Antonio Megale, President of ANFAVEA, believes the industry will recover in 2017

São Paulo, September 14, 2016 -  QUATRO RODAS magazine hosted the Direções Forum last Tuesday (13), at Teatro Santander, in São Paulo. The third edition of the event – which

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